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A full-service business brokerage company, Performance Business Brokers operates in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. We offer existing businesses for sale in Edmonton. Our services include the evaluation of businesses, packaging, listing and sale of ongoing business opportunities, latest business opportunities, purchase or sale of franchises and web-based businesses.

We support sellers throughout all the stages of a business sale from the early business valuation in Edmonton to the sale. We work with a no sale - no fee approach.

Our company is run by highly qualified business brokers with years of industry experience such as Dwight Lester, Christina Van Aert, and Kevin R. Girvan. Our affiliate offices across Canada and in the USA can assist you in selling your business regardless of where it is located.

How We Help Business Owners

Deciding to sell your business may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and also one of the most difficult. When your business is doing well, your income is high, your work interesting, and the future promising, you may think that there is no reason to prepare for a decision that seems a long way off. You will probably ask yourself, “Why do I have to start thinking about selling my business now?” There are some very good reasons: an unexpected decline in your health, the desire for retirement and more free time, the problem of not having an heir to pass the business to, partner/shareholder problems, or a decision to relocate to a better climate. Whatever the reason, a time will come when you will “sell” your business. Whether it’s a sale in the conventional sense, a transition to new ownership within your family, or a disposition of the business by your estate, your business ownership will change at some point. It’s absolutely imperative that you properly prepare now for that day to ensure a smooth transfer that reflects the true value of your business.

Simply put, the only time a business can be sold for a favorable price, which will enable you to realize the highest return on your investment of time, money and sweat equity, is when conditions surrounding the business are strong and the future looks good. Many business owners wait too long and never properly prepare their Edmonton business for sale. Consequently, they will only receive a fraction of what they once could have sold the business for. The process of preparing your business for sale and completing the transaction can take a great deal of time, even years. Now is the time for you to begin planning your business sale with the help of us at Performance Business Brokers..

When you sell a successful company, you are in a position to realize at least three important benefits. First, the sale will allow you to make a profit on your substantial investment in the business. Second, the sale converts the equity you presently hold in your company to cash. Third, the cash itself allows you to pursue new and alternative opportunities in both your business and personal life.

You will sell your business only once; therefore you must plan for the sale very carefully. Preparing your company for sale is almost as important as the sale itself. But getting the best price for your business is not simply a matter of driving a hard bargain. There are numerous factors to be considered in addition to your readiness to sell, including the cost of money in the financial market, the interest level of prospective buyers, the current business outlook in your trade or industry, the way your company is presented for sale, and the manner in which the purchase is structured.

We have all the essential skills and tools to attract the most number of eligible buyers for our clients' businesses. As helpful and knowledgeable Edmonton business brokers, we gather suitable buyers from all over the world!

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